Minor Requirements:

One course in Religious Studies fundamentals, such as (3 credits):

  • RELS 216: “Introduction to the Study of World Religions”
  • RELS 289i “What is Religion?”

Courses in the fundamentals of Religious Studies introduce students to a selection of diverse religious traditions (often including Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and indigenous religious traditions), while also exploring a variety of approaches to the study of religion (often including sociology, psychology, phenomenology, anthropology, and feminist critical scholarship).

Two courses at any level (6 credits):

Chosen in consultation with the Religious Studies adviser.

Three courses at the 300-level or above (9 credits):

These courses can be in any of a variety of subjects, chosen in consultation with the Religious Studies adviser.

Breadth requirement:

Students are expected to take courses that provide cultural, geographic, philosophical, and temporal breadth, including focused coursework in at least two different religious traditions. Most students will fulfill the breadth requirement with a single course. Completion of the breadth requirement must be approved by the Religious Studies adviser.


  • Up to two courses may be double-counted (for the minor and for the student’s major).
  • Up to two courses (totaling 6 credits or less) of transfer credit may be counted toward the minor.
  • Courses must be passed with a grade of C- or better; courses taken Pass/Fail cannot be counted.
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